Aura Mist Fall
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Aura Mist Fall

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FALL: earth, wood, smoke

A limited edition collection meant to capture the essence of each season into a sprayable, olfactory experience. As much a body and environment mist as an artful play on the conjuring of reminiscence, nostalgia, and recollection. Developed as a conceptual experience with a practical purpose, we aim to bring a genuine essence of the outdoors to you and your space; a time of year, any time of year. Part cologne, part room spray and everything in between.

Proprietary blend of seven botanic essential oils.

All four mists are designed to complement one another and can be used simultaneously. They can also be sprayed to create a progression of aromas throughout a space, fading into one another, as one season fades into the next.

Intended to be enjoyed through a variety of uses. Mist garments, linens, and environment. Safe for use on most fabrics. Contains no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or fragrance oils.

External use only | Keep out of reach of children | Not intended to treat any medical conditions | Seek medical advice before use if pregnant or nursing | If allergic reaction occurs discontinue use


Organic Cane Neutral Spirits, Distilled Water, Blend of Pure Essential Oils

(2 oz.)