Aura Mist Box Set
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Aura Mist Box Set

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WINTER: pine forest, fresh air, crisp

SPRING: floral, herbal, delicate

SUMMER: green, sweet, bright

FALL: earth, wood, smoke

Box set of 4.

2 oz each.

A limited edition collection meant to capture the essence of each season into a sprayable, olfactory experience. As much a body and environment mist as an artful play on the conjuring of reminiscence, nostalgia, and recollection. Developed as a conceptual experience with a practical purpose, we aim to bring a genuine essence of the outdoors to you and your space; a time of year, any time of year. Part cologne, part room spray and everything in between.

Each scent contains a proprietary blend of at least 7+ botanic essential oils and distillates.

All four mists are designed to complement one another and can be used simultaneously. They can also be sprayed to create a progression of aromas throughout a space, fading into one another, as one season fades into the next.

Intended to be enjoyed through a variety of uses. Mist garments, linens, and environment. Safe for use on most fabrics. Contains no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or fragrance oils.

External use only | Keep out of reach of children | Not intended to treat any medical conditions | Seek medical advice before use if pregnant or nursing | If allergic reaction occurs discontinue use


Organic Cane Neutral Spirits, Distilled Water (Summer & Fall), Botanic Distillate Blend (Spring & Winter), Blend of Pure Essential Oils