Museums have the ability to satisfy our natural tendency to seek out impact through art and culture. We wanted to build something that incorporates this powerful sense into more of your surrounding life. We aim to provide the same sense of purpose and inspiration into our products without the preciousness or sterility that is the wall between you and the creation.

Founded in 2016 by Shane Quinn and Johnna West, MUSEUM is a stationery and home goods studio focused on offering utility and function in minimal simplicity and modern form. We believe quality, beauty and purposeful design should be inherently accessible in your everyday life.



It is important to us that we create products that are as useful and environmentally-friendly as they are beautiful. We maintain a deep consideration for the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet, which is why we carefully source and evaluate every material and ingredient.

All of our cards are letterpress printed in the USA using the highest quality materials and sustainable printing practices. Our Aura Mists & Plant Elixir have been carefully hand-crafted using only premium ingredients that are safe for you and your body as well as the environment. We use pure essential oils, botanical elements and all-natural components that are free of harmful chemicals, additives, and toxins.

We also use recyclable and reusable packaging, work with US-based manufacturers when feasible, and are continuously assessing the materials and methods of each project, always looking to create the most natural and sustainable products possible.